Thursday, January 20, 2005

Why You Must Get Out Of "Wish Land"

Most people spend too much of their time "wishing" for things
they would like...

"I wish i had more money"

"I wish i had more time"

"I wish i had more freedom"

Wishing is great if you're happy realising it will never
come to pass. Because it won't if all you do is "wish".

Sorry but its true.

Most people are not living their dreams because they
live in "wish land".

You have to actively WANT and DESIRE these things and
then set out a 'baby' step by step plan so you can
finally HAVE your dreams.

It's a simple concept and it becomes very powerful
once you decide you truly want to live your dreams.

You can download a wonderful resource written by the
great Napoleon Hill to help with this, its called,

"How To Overcome Failure & Achieve Success"

You can download it from here:-

Download From HERE

Read it thoroughly and write out some notes - you'll
be glad you did.

Anybody can achieve their dreams once they leave
"wish land"

Until next time,

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