Thursday, February 10, 2005

The One Ultimate Secret To Success

Have you ever wondered what the ultimate reason for success
truly is?

It's not who your family is. (though that can definitely help)

It's not what school you went to.

It's not getting that first 'big break'.

It's much simpler, in fact you don't need to be a mystic
to predict someone's future success. You can do so by asking
them just one easy question,

"What is YOUR ONE DEFINITE PURPOSE in life - and what are
your plans to attain it?"

The vast, vast majority of people will say something along the
lines of, "I'd like to make a good living and be successful."

Sounds good?

However if you dig deeper you will almost certainly find
they've been drifting along in the shadows of others.

To be successful, you must decide EXACTLY what your goal or
vision is and then lay out the steps by which you intend to
attain it.

The person who ACTS WITH PURPOSE with a PLAN will almost
always attract far more opportunities.

** The story of the Ice Cream King ** by Napoleon Hill

One of America's most successful franchisers was Lee Maranz.
He knew what he wanted and had a plan on how to get it.

His vision was a chain of ice cream stores in every city,
in every state. He designed an automatic ice cream freezer
which made soft ice cream.

He built his success on helping others achieve their success
by giving them store design plans and selling them his
machines at cost.

He made his profit from the sale of the ice cream mix.

Of course he ended up with a chain of stores across the USA,
and his machines were sold worldwide.

You've probably eaten many ice creams from his machines!

Lee Maranz said,

"If you have a strong belief in yourself, in what you
are doing and what you want to do, no adversity is too
difficult to overcome."

If YOU want to achieve success, then make TODAY the day you
stop drifting. Sit down and decide on a definite goal.

Write it down and repeat it over and over to yourself until it
is permanently stored in your memory.

Then decide what plan you require to achieve it.

Break it down into EASY STEPS and begin putting them into
action immediately.

Just take the first easy step and the others will follow.

Remember YOUR FUTURE is what you make it.

Until next time,


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At 7:30 AM, Hiren said...

Some people are geunine drifters because they do not know what they want from life. However all occupations do not offer the same market profile and sometimes one may have one job for occupation and another job for money. This may not suit the person but he has to do it.

At 10:50 AM, Anonymous said...

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