Tuesday, February 22, 2005

The Success Secret of Letting Things 'Hit The Fan'

Did you know this little known secret?

You may have to let things really 'hit the fan'
in order to succeed...

Sounds crazy I know.

Most people only decide to make real change in
their lives when things go very wrong for them.

Strange but true.

It's because people live in their comfort zones
and rarely push themselves to explore what they
are truly capable of.

They literally need to be given an almighty jolt.

However once you know this, you can use it.

That's why you may need to 'burn some bridges'
to force yourself OUT of YOUR comfort zone.

If you cut your lines of retreat, you motivate
yourself far better than any book, video or
course can do for you.

When I decided to go full time with my own business
in information publishing, I quit my previous job
and made sure I could NEVER EVER return to it!

I'm not ashamed to tell you, it was a little scary.

BUT I sure wasn't in any position to do anything
else except succeed.

So if you decide to REALLY get out of your comfort
zone, then you can relax for a second and know that
you have no choice but to succeed.

It's exhilarating.

You'll feel alive.

And you'll find purpose.

The key is taking action & then having no
choice but to continue to take action until
your dreams are fulfilled.

You only have one life, so go for it!

Until next time,

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At 7:23 AM, Hiren said...

It is true that "Wtihout danger, one cannot go beynod danger" However this can be done most times when one in young. With family resposibiliteis, it is not easy for everyone.

At 11:14 AM, Anonymous said...

one thing is sure that if you always remain on safe side then you cannot succeed. Risk is necessary...
Risks can be huge or may be very small like risking your comfort. I agree that sometimes it is not posible to take the bigger risks because of responsibilities but still there are lot of other things in which we can proceed, determine your priorities and determine yourself and then proceed what ur conscience say to you


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