Thursday, December 22, 2005

A hidden fact stopping you from succeeding...

It's a fact that everyone has two natures.

One wants us to advance forward and the
other one wants to pull us back to 'safety'

Both your natures are trying to gain control.

And your own willpower decides which one gains
the upper hand when there is a conflict of

You alone can decide the issue and make the
change in direction if you want it badly enough.

The problem is many people don't know how
to develop a burning desire so they start
regularly moving towards their goals.

They know they want their dreams to come true
but they're too scared to 'get their feet wet'...

The only way to stoke up a burning desire is
to add fuel to it.

And the only way to add fuel to it is taking steps
towards fulfilling your dreams of success.

This builds momentum, like a runaway train, and
your 'safety' nature cannot hold you back
unfairly any longer.

It's not your fault you have this 'safety nature'.
It's instilled in us as children by our family,
friends and schooling.

You have to decide at what moment you start putting
one foot in front of another towards what
you want in life.

Nobody can make that decision for you.

You must do it.

In fact say to yourself out loud, "I am
taking the first step today."

Then do something - anything - towards
fulfilling your goals and dreams right away.

Make a phone call, write out a to do list,
arrange a meeting, start creating a product,
organise some time each day for your goals...

Listen to the side of you which wants you
to succeed and act on it.

Because your safety nature won't help you.

Although it's there for a good reason -
to protect you - don't let it smother your
dreams as well!

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Until next time,


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At 6:30 PM, susan said...

Helpful post. And encouraging.

I needed to hear the reminder about leaving time every day to do something in my "goal area."


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