Thursday, February 01, 2007

How to use the power of Hypnosis for success

Do you want the power of conversational
hypnosis to help you get the success you want
out of life quickly and easily?

Yes? Then this short message may be the
most important thing you read this year...

I'm excited because I'm FINALLY about
to release worldwide - "The power of
conversational hypnosis" and I think
you're going to absolutely love it.


Well imagine you had the skill to quickly
and easily put people under your spell?

And I'm not talking about magic.

Or about voodoo.

I'm talking about the ability to turn
your words into irresistibly hypnotic
phrases which captivate and lead people
to do what you want.

I think you can see how powerful that
would be.

Not only will people do what you
want them to, they won't realise
you've secretly persuaded them!

So it's really no surprise the secrets
of conversational hypnosis are closely

Charasmatic leaders know some of these
secrets, as do the world's great
sales people.

But very, very few people know them all.

In fact even though I'm a highly trained
hypnotist I decided to turn to an absolute
master to uncover them all.

And I ended up putting this course
together with him.

== The Power of Conversational Hypnosis ==

What's in this course?

* 16 Amazing CD Disks Individually Boxed
In Great Looking Professional Cases

* A 600+ Page Printed Manual Including

* 4 Hypnotic Language Blueprint 'Cheat Sheets'

* The Complete Original Hypnotic Conversational
Hypnosis Set As A Bonus

This course will be officially launched
in a few days as soon as the website is

So please check it out here




At 12:56 AM, Pood10 said...

It's called NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and if you really want to make sure you are doing it correctly, take a live, in-person training.

At 1:28 PM, Cliff said...

Actually NLP was derived from 4 models of behaviour - the most important model was the hypnotist Milton Erickson who almost single handedly worked out how to do indirect covert conversational hypnosis. This course is the most advanced course based on Erickson's work and the advances made in conversational hypnosis since his death in 1980.


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