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All websites contain Web content and/or copy.This content and copy can help you to make money all by itself, or it can help you with making more money. First, it's important to understand the difference between Web content and Web copy.

Web content is a form of writing that will inform or entertain your readers. Websites full of Web content will usually have articles, but may also contain videos, audio files and photos as well. Web content often is what an online business uses to attract visitors to the site, even if indirectly.

Web copy is the text that a site uses to get some type of response from the reader, or it may be to advertise a business. Copy may be used to make sales, to seek out something, such as a newsletter, or to click links. All of the Web copy conveys a particular image to its readers, and that includes the slogan and the Web copy on the more utilitarian about us, contact us, media information page, etc.

So how do you use this Web content and copy to make money? Here's how that happens:

Web content- there are plenty of sites out there that use their Web content to make most of their money. There are large content networks, such as, that use their content alone to attract readers, but there are many smaller ones. Web content uses its information to bring in readers to the site, and site owners than have to either have ads on the site or charge a fee for membership to the site. There are many ways to use your web content to make more money:

1. When publishing Web content, make sure it is the best quality you can get. Quality content that entertains and informs will bring in more reader, attract more backlinks, and is normally search engine optimized. All of this will bring you more visitors to the site, a higher placement in the search engines, and more money in your pocket.

2. Keep your website fresh with new Web content. To keep readers coming back again, keep the site updated regularly with new content- as readers come back again, your traffic counts go up and you make more money from that content. Your website should have new content regularly, and even if that is only weekly or monthly, keep it coming.

3. Publish Web content that people want to read. Keyword research using tools such as Overture and Wordtracker will help you find topics in your niche that are heavily searched for. Your content doesn't have to be full of keywords, but it does have to be quality information that will bring in readers and keep them coming back. A lot of searches for one specific topic can mean that there is an existing need for more information on that topic. Don't forget to compare highly searched keyword phrases with the number of results for that same keyword phrase in search engines to determine market saturation.

Web copy - Webmasters use Web copy to get their readers to come back again, to buy something through the site, or to get them to come back to the site again and again. Most people have seen the sales letters used to advertise e-books, with their bright colors, many subheadings, multiple order links and testimonials.

All web copy is persuasive copy, but not all has to have that level of hype. Order pages online always use persuasive techniques to sell the item, maybe a few more items at the same time, and to have the reader buy right then without further consideration. Some Web copy relies on guarantees to persuade readers to buy the item right then without worrying the outcome.

Copywriting relies a great deal on psychology, and understanding what buyers and website visitors react to. You can hire a copywriter to get professional copy for your site, or you can study copywriting and do it yourself, but however it happens, you need quality copy to persuade your visitors to buy and to make the most money possible from your site.

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