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Discover your passions, talents, and hidden strengths with numerology. through bringing together the letters in your birth name and your date of birth, your personal numerology chart helps you understand friends and lovers, your inner self, your career, finances, and is an extremely beneficial substitute to the tarot and astrology.

Stress often exists for many years before you acquire emotional or physical health issues which have need for medical attention. Emotional and physical illnesses include depression, heart disease, addictions, stress, high blood pressure, or high cholesterol. Stress may be decreased, treated or cured with relaxation techniques and self hypnosis. This ensures health and well being and a calm state of mind.

Communication is the most crucial factor in forecasting success in a relationship. If you are omitting effective communication abilities, then all other areas of your relationship and life are adversely effected. In every kind of interpersonal interaction, some type of conversation and communication is taking place. who are you communicating with? family, friends, Coworkers, customers, ....others?